“Hey you young pretty sweet thing, can you show me where the B-complexs are?”

My first customer of the day greeted me with that sentence. He was an older gentleman who needed a walker to stand upright.

Are you serious, in what world would that greeting be okay?

I was instantly pissed. He was able to tell, and he said “What? You are.”

I said “Well I really don’t appreciate it.” Then he goes on to ask me my name and about my ethnicity. He begins to tell me how all the women he’s dated are young and pretty. Also how all the women he’s dated have been half Asian (which is what I am). According to him he has four young beautiful girlfriends right now. And they love him because he takes care of their families.

Happy Saturday!



I was sitting outside on my break. Enjoying the nice warm summer day. It was nice and quiet.

All of the sudden this customer comes out from the store with music blaring. It’s so loud you could literally feel the vibrations from the song.

You could hear the beginning of a rap song starting.

“Move bitch, get out the way hoe.” Repeating over and over. I waited till he passed me to take a glance.

It was this little guy with a baseball cap on. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’m an actor.”

I had a pretty interesting guy come in this morning.

First let me give you a description of this guy. Older man, late 40s or early 50s. Black t-shirt, baggy jeans. A pink bandanna around his neck and one around his wrist. Spiked gray hair. He had black and green nailpolish on, the nailpolish didn’t cover the whole nail. Just a blotch of each color towards the tips.

He was over in the facial care department putting a bunch of the testers on. He squeezed a bunch of sunscreen in his hand and came over to the mirror next to me. He starts to put it on his face and turns to me. “Can you tell me about this natural sunscreen?” With globs of sunscreen on his face. “What do you mean?” I ask. “Well why’s it different then other sunscreen?” “Well some of ours use minerals to deflect the sunlight rather than chemicals.”

He turns around and continues to rub in the sunscreen. He then heads over to the perfume and essential oil set and proceeds to put a bunch of scents on.

Then he heads over to the nail polish set. He turns to me, “What color is this.” Holding up a nail polish. “Blue-green” I reply. “So like teal, do you know what teal is?” “Yeah like a teal.”

He continues to wander around the department while I’m stocking product. He’s then checking out our makeup selection. I turn to look at him and he shoves something in his pocket really fast. I ask “Are you finding everything okay?” He says “Yes. I’m just trying on your natural makeup. I’m and actor and I need natural makeup.” “Okay…”

“Do you have any bright green eye shadow, I heard you can’t get a natural green eye shadow.” “We do have a green eye shadow, but you’d have to buy a set.” “I’m looking for my girlfriend, because right now she just uses a green sharpie.”

*Uhm what. Your girlfriend uses a green sharpie for eye shadow. That doesn’t seem safe*

He then asks if we have and sparkly nail polish. I show him what we have. He responds ” I put it in my hair for sparkles, see.” He puts his head down and I could see the nail polish in his hair. It almost looked like he used the nail polish to spike his hair.

Interesting. I turn back to what I was doing. I glance over and he’s gone. It was as if he just disappeared into thin air.


So today, I had a customer get upset with me because he could find something cheaper off of amazon.

He came up to me and asked ” Are you in charge of this department?” I said ” I work in this department.” He said ” Whats the deal with this? I can get this product off of amazon, it’s twice the size for the same price. So you guys either have the wrong price up or you guys are ripping people off. This is bullshit!” I replied “I have nothing to do with the pricing here.” “We’ll who do I talk to, this is ridiculous!” I sent him to customer service who the called the store manager to deal with him.

I literally make a little above minimum wage and your going to yell at me for marking up the prices? I’m just an employee who has nothing to do with it. I literally just work here and do as I’m told.

All I could think was I wish you would go and purchase that off of amazon so I wouldn’t have to deal with you.